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What Are The YouTube Ads?

According to the Internet Trends study, by the end of 2017, the video will take 74% of the overall online traffic, worldwide. As a result, the YouTube Ads service becomes a rather powerful online marketing tool. Owing to the targeting options, you can promote your content in front of the people, who are interested in your offer. Moreover, YouTube is considered to be the second largest search engine (obviously, after Google). Thanks to the YouTube Ads service, you have an access to a wide variety of advertising options. In general, this platform gives you an incredible flexibility in choosing the placements for your ad and in reaching out to the desired audience.

 What Do The YouTube Ads Look Like?

Regardless of your marketing goals, the YouTube Ads service definitely has an option for you:

  1. TrueView in-stream ads.
    These are the ads that are shown before, after or during the regular YouTube videos. Important to realize, that as an advertiser, you pay only when people watch 30 seconds of the ad or when they click your ad.
  2. TrueView discovery ads (formerly ‘TrueView in-display ads’).
    The first thing to remember about the discovery ads is that you can place them on the blocks near the relevant videos. For example, on the search results page on YouTube, on the ‘related videos’ block and on the YouTube homepage in the mobile version. The discovery ads show the viewers a preview of your video. In detail, the preview shows an image, which is generated automatically from one of four images. Also, it displays up to 3 lines of text that will describe your video and will encourage people to click it. What’s really cool about this type of the YouTube Ads, is that an advertiser pays only when someone clicks the preview to watch the ad.
  3. Bumper ads.
    Probably, you have already seen the bumper ads on YouTube. Actually, these are the non-skippable short videos, up to the 6 seconds by length. First of all, they are optimized for the mobile viewers, especially. Moreover, the bumper ad is considered to be a perfect tool for building a brand awareness.

How We Work

  1. Researching your business and your target audiences.
  2. Choosing an advertising format, the most suitable for your business niche.
  3. Deciding where to run your ads.
  4. Setting up an advertising campaign and tracking its performance.
  5. Monitoring and maintaining your YouTube Ads for you.

What’s Included:

  1. A Dedicated Account Manager.
  2. Business Review & Goal Setting.
  3. Ad Creation & Optimization.
  4. Geo Targeting.
  5. Conversion Tracking.
  6. Detailed Monthly Performance Reporting.

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