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What Is Product Feed Management for Shopping Campaigns?

Before starting our talk about the Product Feed Management itself, important to realize what are the Shopping Campaigns and Shopping ads. If you are an e-commerce business owner, the Shopping campaigns, probably, will be a perfect fit for you. To clarify, we will give you a short list of benefits from this type of advertising.

First of all, it can help you with promoting your products. Second, it will definitely increase your website traffic or bring more visitors to your local store. Third, it is a great chance to get the better-qualified leads. For instance, when your potential customer types his query on Google search, near the common SERP results, he will get a list of the most relevant to his query products.

In the first place, to run the Shopping ads ( a.k.a. Product Listing Ads), you need to use the existing Merchant Center product data. Unlikely to the other types of advertising, where you need to use a keyword base. The thing is, that the product data that you have to submit to a Merchant Center, should give a detailed info about your products. Obviously, this is extremely necessary if you want to show the most relevant items to your potential customers.

Why Is the Product Feed Management So Necessary for Your Business?

For the most part, this type of advertising is one of the best for the retailers. Notwithstanding that sometimes your expanded text ads and Shopping Ads can be shown on a SERP at the same time, you still will pay only when someone clicks your ad. As a result, the Pay-Per-Click type of advertising allows you to prevent the unwanted budget loss. Definitely, the Product Feed Management (Product Feed Optimization) is an integral part of setting up your own Shopping campaigns. Moreover, it is a key to the successful Shopping campaign’s marketing strategy.

The quality of your product data is a number one criterion that affects on how frequently your ad is shown in Google’s search results. With an aim to save your time and efforts, we can help you to manage the product feed for your Shopping campaign. As a result, you will have the feed, optimized according to the Google’s Product Feed Specifications. Moreover, you will get the better-qualified leads. And this aspect will definitely increase the conversion rate of your ads.

 What Do Shopping Ads Look Like?

The Shopping ad is a unique tool, as it displays not only the photo of your product but also its title, price, etc. You can see this ad type on:

  1. Google Shopping pages (in select countries).
  2. SERP of Google search, separate from the text ads.
  3. Google Network/Google’s partner websites (if you choose to include them when setting up your campaign).

How We Work

  1. If you already have a store but have no feed, we can draw out data from your website.
  2. Creating the Product Data Feed and sending it to the Merchant Centre.
  3. Checking if your product data meets the Google’s standard.
  4. Optimizing the product titles; applying the bid modifiers.
  5. Linking Google Merchant Centre with your AdWords account.
  6. Setting up the Shopping campaigns for your business.
  7. Monitoring and maintaining your Shopping Campaigns for you.

What’s Included:

  1. A Dedicated Account Manager.
  2. Account Review & Goal Setting.
  3. Product Data Feed Creation.
  4. Product titles Optimization.
  5. Google Merchant Centre and AdWords Accounts Linking.
  6. Shopping Campaign & Ad Group & Ads Creation.
  7. Advanced Bid Management.
  8. Transparency – You Always Have Access to Your Account.
  9. Conversion Tracking.
  10. Detailed Monthly Performance Reporting.

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Product Feed Management for Shopping Campaigns
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