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What Is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising is a service, provided by Facebook for Business. In the first place, by promoting your product or service via the Facebook, you can reach out to your potential customers. Additionally, Facebook Advertising allows you to show your ads when your target audiences are relaxing and scrolling their timeline. In general, it means that your target audiences are most receptive to your ad. Also, you can easily find the relevant people, grab their attention and drive traffic and conversions to your website. Furthermore, Facebook has 2 billion monthly users. With this in mind, you can be sure that you will definitely reach out to your target audience.

 What Do Facebook Ads Look Like?

Depending on the type, the Facebook Ads can be displayed in a form of:

  1. Single Photo/Link-click Ad

    This type is one of the most basic Facebook Advertising options. It displays an image, that leads a potential customer to the desired landing page after the ad was clicked. Actually, it is a great option to drive more traffic to the certain web pages of your website.

  2. Carousel

    Thanks to their format, the carousel ads allow you to showcase from 3 to 5 images per one ad. Obviously, as it is written in its name, this type of advertising provides a carousel effect. Definitely, this effect is achieved by a left-to-right scrolling action. As a result, you can easily display several products or services in one ad and even provide users with a short portfolio.

  3. Lead Generation Ads

    Owing to the format of this type of ads, you can easily expand your client base and gather more leads. Important to realize, that the lead generation ads allow you to gather the info about users in a most simple way. Moreover, they prompt your potential customers to fill out the form. In addition, these ads take the info from the user’s Facebook profile, in order to auto-fill some fields.

  4. Dynamic Product Ads

    These ads give you an opportunity to showcase your products to those people who already browsed them on your website/app. Thanks to a special algorithm, these ads are updated automatically. Furthermore, they use the user’s browsing history on your website, in order to display the most relevant products. Consequently, the Dynamic Product Ads can be a great remarketing tool for your business.

  5. Canvas

    Definitely, the Canvas ad type is a unique tool. In particular, because this type allows you to combine different types of advertising. With an aim to let you display your products in the most appealing way, it allows you to insert video, top-to-bottom and left-to-right formats. As a result, the Canvas brings you a great flexibility.

  6. Video Ads

    Obviously, the Video Ad is a number one option for storytelling. First of all, it allows you to create a video up to 120 minutes in length. However, the best-performing Video Ads last about 30 seconds. Second, these ads are playing automatically on the Facebook news feed. By the way, they are played silently, but when a user clicks the Video Ad, it starts playing on a full volume.

How We Work

  1. Researching your business and your target audiences.
  2. Choosing an advertising format, the most suitable for your business niche.
  3. Running your Facebook ads and track their performance.
  4. Monitoring and maintaining your Facebook advertising campaigns for you.

What’s Included:

  1. A Dedicated Account Manager.
  2. Target Audience Research.
  3. Ad Creation & Optimization.
  4. Advanced Bid Management.
  5. Geo-Targeting.
  6. Conversion Tracking.
  7. Detailed Monthly Performance Reporting.

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