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What Is AdWords Account Suspensions?

Obviously, one of the main reasons for the AdWords account suspension is the outrageous or repeated violation of the AdWords policies or Terms and Conditions. In order to avoid any issues that can appear, Google sets the legal requirements and user safety rules. Important to realize, that Google may take some actions from your account as those that can put Google itself, its partner network and its users at risk.

Sometimes, if the URL of your ads violate one or more Google Adwords Policies, it may be a reason for the AdWords account suspension. In this case, the ads and keywords can be marked as ‘disapproved’ and will stop running.

How to Fix the AdWords Account Suspensions?

If your website/AdWords account has been suspended due to the Google AdWords Policies or the Landing Page Policy, you have to follow a few steps, in order to unsuspend it:

  1. Define the reason for the account suspension.
  2. Fix the issues.
  3. Contact the Google AdWords Support team.

How We Work

  1. Linking your Adwords Account to our MCC Account.
  2. Discovering the reason that caused your AdWords account/website suspension.
  3. Fixing the problems.
  4. Making sure that your account and website meet the Google Advertising Policies.
  5. With an aim to resuspend your website/AdWords account, we contact the Google Adwords Support team.

What’s Included:

  1. A Dedicated Account Manager.
  2. Account/Website Analysis.
  3. Account Structure/Restructure.
  4. Campaign/Ad Group/Keyword/Ad Customization.
  5. Landing Page Optimization Recommendations.
  6. Transparency – You Always Have Access to Your Account.

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AdWords Account Suspensions
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