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Why Do You Need to Make an AdWords & Bing Audit?

Sometimes, it is really hard to avoid making mistakes, while running your AdWords or Bing account. Especially, when you have to keep up with all the advertising campaigns, groups, and keywords. In order to improve the quality of your ads and minimize the budget loss, you should make an AdWords & Bing audit of your accounts. Actually, this is a must-have procedure, because it shows you how can you improve and optimize your marketing strategy. You would be surprised if you found out, that a lot of money from your budget is spent on the ineffective advertising.

How Can You Benefit From An AdWords & Bing Audit?

Certainly, one of the main goals of the AVA agency is to get the most return from your advertising strategy. Luckily, there is a list of the most common mistakes, that can make your advertising strategy ineffective. First, it is a poor keyword search. It is extremely necessary to discover and eliminate the keywords that lead your account to the low-quality score. As a result, you will be able to redirect the budget on the keywords, that convert. The second reason that may cause a budget loss, is an irregular account management. In order to turn a profit, your account needs to be optimized on a weekly basis.

But, there is one more mistake that may lead your advertising campaigns to the low profit. If you have the non-relevant landing pages, they can lower the conversion rate up to 50%. With an aim to improve your advertising strategy, we can make an AdWords &  Bing audit of your account or of the certain campaigns. Furthermore, we can provide you with the account diagnostics; keyword audit; conversion tracking; retargeting strategy analytics; quality score distribution; budget efficiency; estimate negative keywords, GEO targeting, etc.

As a result, by making an AdWords & Bing audit of your accounts regularly, you can save your budget from ineffective advertising. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to reallocate the budget on the channels that bring you more traffic or conversions.

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AdWords & Bing Audit
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