Majestic Maids Case Study

//Majestic Maids Case Study
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Project Description

Majestic Maids is a family-owned cleaning business in Maryland. They clean everything from residences to industrial sites.Cleaning is what they do best. Majestic Maids are considered to be the best choice in their market area.
Majestic Maids consider their business to be:

  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Thorough

In this case, we needed to build a new campaign and optimize it. We revised an old campaign by optimizing the Geo targeting and the keyword list. As a result, the new campaign was launched successfully. We modified all other marketing campaigns, added new ads, conducted setup of macro/micro conversions on their website. We also created a Google Analytics account, linking it to their Google AdWords account.

Company: Majestic Maids

Majestic Maids Case Study
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