Jarret Yoshida, Inc. Case Study

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Project Description

Jarret Yoshida design promises to evoke a feeling of accessible indulgence, luxury, and well-being—for real, everyday living. Jarret’s vision combines sophisticated elegance and relaxed ease; a classic approach that is personalized for each client.

Jarret Yoshida, Inc. BENEFITS:

  • Interior design services that update and transform your home
  • Architecture and contractor referrals for building a new deck or renovating an entire house
  • Art-advising services via connections to top art advisors for museums and established collectors
  • Moving homes across the city or country

Company: Jarret Yoshida, Inc.

What we did

1. First of all, we determined the Landing Pages for the recently redesigned website. It was highly necessary to make the landing pages and ads relevant to each other.

jarretyoshida.com website

jarretyoshida.com portfolio

2. With an aim to reach out to the most interested audiences, we defined the appropriate GEO-targeting areas:

Manhattan map Tribeca

Manhattan map the High Line

Manhattan map Greenwich Village

Borough of Manhattan Community College

3. Of course, we improved an online presence of Jarret’s website. As a result, his website ranks on the top of the Google SERP.

Google Search Jarret interior design

4. Moreover, we also created several Google AdWords Search campaigns. And set the Google Remarketing.

adwords text ads

5. Obviously, the best way to promote Jarret’s services is to launch the GDN campaigns. As it is a perfect option to showcase the business of this particular niche in the most appealing way. So we set up several campaigns on GDN.

6. Certainly, an effective advertising is just impossible without the proper statistics. That’s why we set up Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics accounts for Jarret’s website.

7. In order to set up the call tracking, we launched a calltrackingmetrics.com account.

And linked it with Google Analytics.

8. Also, to provide Jarret’s services with the better online presence, we launched an additional campaign on Houzz. This step also improves the brand awareness.

9. As a next step, we decided to spread a word about Jarret through the social media. In particular, we created the Facebook Ads Campaigns.

10. Certainly, we also used the Instagram ads. As Instagram is one of the best platforms for banner and videeo ads.

In conclusion, here is how AdWords Report looks like:

Also, here is an ‘Active Users’ section from Google Analytics Reports, showing the number of active users on Jarret’s website:

Thanks to the Google Analytics Audience Overview Report we can see the percentage of new and returning visitors:

Owing to the Behavior Flow Report from Google Analytics, we see how visitors interact with Jarret’s website:

Google Analytics Demographics Overview Report, obviously, shows the demographic statistics:

Jarret Yoshida, Inc. Case Study
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