Art Naturals Case Study

//Art Naturals Case Study
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Project Description

Art Naturals has always believed that beauty treatments should stem from the purest forms of nature. The company gathers the finest ingredients from around the world; extracting the best to handcraft health-conscious essentials for your skin, hair, mind, body, and spirit.

Art Naturals BENEFITS:

  • 100% Premium Quality Natural Health & Beauty Products
  • Affordable, eco-friendly, health-conscious products

To reach Art Naturals’ marketing goals we created a strategy that focused on the setup of conversion tracking tools. We needed to adjust such tools as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. At the end of our engagement, the client received correctly adjusted Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager tools. We also worked on setting up appropriate marketing goals and monitored tracking tools by a method known as “Secret Shopper”.
Company: Art Naturals

Art Naturals Case Study
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