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Smart Display Campaigns: A Detailed Guide

What do you know about the AdWords Smart Display campaigns? This format was launched on 20th April 2017. But still, there are a lot of questions about it. What are the Smart Display campaigns? How to create a new one and what to start from? Obviously, the following type is a great fit for those who aim to start advertising on a GDN (Google Display Network). However, it is relevant if you are already running the display campaigns, but have a lack of time to manage them.

Today we are going to reveal some secrets about this type of advertising via the AdWords service.

What Should You Know About Smart Display Campaigns?

First of all, they were created in order to help advertisers gain more traffic and conversions, with minimum effort. Seriously, the Smart Display campaigns find the audiences and placements that tend to drive more conversions and target the ads to them. Moreover, the advertisers don’t even have to set any targeting options. There are only two steps required from an advertiser:

  1. Set the CPA goal
  2. Upload the necessary ad assets

And that’s it! You can be sure that Google handles the rest.

In order to provide you with a maximum flexibility, the Smart Display campaigns offer 3 optimization technologies:

  • Automated Bidding
  • Automated Targeting
  • Automated Ad Generator

Sounds great, right? Let’s take a closer look at the each of the following technologies.

Automated Bidding

With an aim to provide your ad with the best value, the Smart Display campaigns use the so-called Target CPA as a basis. First, you define the target CPA for your campaign. Second, the engine automatically sets the bids for you. If it is a good chance of getting a conversion, it increases the bid. On the contrary, if there is a lower chance, it will set less.

By the way, there are several things that an algorithm counts when setting the bids:

  • First of all, it considers if the potential customer visited your website
  • Then, it explores how they behave online (for example, what websites do they usually visit; discovers their interests)

Automated Targeting

Obviously, the Smart Display campaign contains some kind of combination of the targeting methods. So don’t worry, the good old options as remarketing and interest categories, for instance, are there to help you with getting more conversions.

In order to find the best option for you, your Smart Display campaign will try and test each of the targeting methods. For example, if there is an ineffective method, your Smart Display campaign will focus on the other, so your ads could get a better performance. As a result, it will use those, that are more likely to lead you to the target CPA.

Automated Ad Generator

Definitely, the following technology is a real time-saver. All you have to do is to add several headlines and descriptions for your future Smart Display ads. Then, you should add the different variations of images and logos and that’s all you need at the start. Truly, your Smart Display campaign will do the rest for you. At first, it will mix these assets and will launch a couple of ready-to-do ads. Second, it will test them, in order to pick the best-performing combinations. Important to realize, that an automated ad generator also allows you to use the dynamic ads remarketing.

How To Set Up The Smart Display Campaign?

Campaign Level

The first thing to mention, there is a certain number of conversions you need have, in order to run the Smart Display campaign. For the GDN, at least 50 conversions are required, for the Search network you need 100, in the past 30 days.
To start with, go to the ‘Campaigns’ tab in your account and choose ‘Create new Display campaign’. Then, select the necessary option at the ‘Drive action’ content block. After that, an option to create a Smart Display campaign will appear at the bottom area of the page. Choose this option.

how to set up a smart display campaign

Image credit: PPC Hero

Henceforth, you can choose the location and language for your future Smart Display campaign. Also, you will need to set the target CPA and a sum you want to spend on the campaign on the daily basis.  

If you are not sure what budget to set, try 10x-15x of your target CPA bid. Actually, there are many thoughts on how to choose one. But this scheme is considered to be classic. However, it’s always up to you and you can try set more or less, in order to find out what works better for your business.

Ad Group Level

Obviously, it is still highly important to create the relevant ad groups. First of all, each ad group should lead your potential customers to the specialized landing page. It is necessary, as your Smart display campaign will use your landing page to find the potential customer.

For example, you are an apparel online store owner. Surely, you would like to set a group and drive traffic to your main page. However, this tactic may not be the best fit for your business, as your ad groups can be more specific. In other words, if you sell women’s clothes, you should have a certain ad group, linking to the women’s clothes section on your website. Moreover, if you also sell men’s clothes, you should do the same for this section, too. In general, it will help you to bring the most relevant traffic to the certain pages of your website. Obviously, if you want to promote the women’s clothing, your images and ad message should be specified to women. As a result, your ads will be shown to the people that are really interested in your product.

Ad Level

Finally, here is a section where you should provide the info for your future campaign. With an aim to get better results, provide several variations of these assets. It will make it a lot easier for your Smart Display campaign to choose the best-performing ads.

  • Headline (up to 25 characters) – Stylish Women’s Clothing
  • Description (up to 70 characters) – Comfortable and stunning women’s clothing. Browse a new collection!
  • Company logo
  • Images – exclusive pictures of women’s clothing/ pictures of ladies, wearing women’s clothing
  • Landing page URL – www.clothingcompanyexample.com/womens

Smart Display Campaign Optimization

Important to realize, that it can’t go perfectly right from the start. In other words, it may take a couple of weeks to test and find the best performing ads and targeting options. So wait for a while, before implementing new changes into your Smart Display campaigns. Another key point is that this campaign type doesn’t allow creating a campaign level exclusions. To clarify, if you want to exclude any placements, you should do it on an account level. It is a wise trick that prevents the budget loss.

 A quick summary

The Smart Display campaign is a great time-saving tool. Furthermore, with minimal effort, you can get the highly relevant traffic to the certain section of your website and increase the conversion rate. In order to get better results, give the several variations of the headline, description, ad image, and logo. It will help the engine to find the best combination for you. However, if you need help with creating or managing your Smart Display campaign, feel free to contact us. Our certified AdWords specialists are always ready to boost up your business.

Smart Display Campaigns: A Detailed Guide
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