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3 Negative Bid Modifiers To Boost Up Your Business

Why Do You Need To Set Up Negative Bid Modifiers?

Negative bid modifiers give you an opportunity to reallocate a budget. Second, they allow you to focus on the most convertible ads and campaigns while you can decrease the bids for those, that don’t work well. Sure, you can increase the bid adjustments for the well-performing ads and campaigns. But there is a tip for those, who have a small budget/don’t want to waste money on ineffective advertising. And today we are going to tell you about how can you achieve this goal.
Depending on the network and account level, there are different types of bid adjustments. You can set them on the campaign, ad group, and demographic levels. We are going to tell you about those, that will definitely help you to improve the performance of your advertising campaigns.


With an aim to get the stats, go to the settings area in your AdWords account interface. Then, at the ‘Devices’ block, you can take a look at the difference between the performance of your ads on the various devices. Depending on the number of impressions and cost-per-conversion, you can reduce the bid for the device. As a result of setting the negative bid modifiers, you can get more traffic from the convertible channels.

Device Bid Adjustments

Ad Schedule

With an aim to find out, when the conversion rate of your ads is poor, you can browse the ‘Ad Schedule’ tab in the settings area. Thanks to the info from this tab, you may figure out the weak points of your ads’ schedule. First, you can take a look at the performance by a Day Of The Week, at the Schedule details drop-down menu. Then, choose the days with the highest cost-per-conversion and try to reduce the bids for those days.
Moreover, you can also track how your ads are performing for the Hour Of The Day. Similarly to the Day Of The Week, you can choose, where to reduce the bids. By determining the under-performing hours, you can easily avoid the waste of budget.

Ad Schedule Bid Adjustment


The location negative bid adjustments enable you to decrease your performance to the certain countries, states, or cities. They give you an opportunity to increase the overall conversion rate of your business. Moreover, the location big adjustments allow defining the areas where you can improve the brand awareness or reputation. Thanks to the Google AdWords, you can view the location reports, determine the non-converting locations and choose the areas to reduce the bids for.

Location Bid Adjustments

Sure, there are more areas where you can set the negative bid modifiers. But these three are the easiest-to-determine and manage. Let us know if you think that any other should be listed here, too. You are the most welcome to leave a comment below! Try to set a couple of the negative bid modifiers for your campaigns, and take a look at the results. Good luck and as always, may the conversions be with you! 🙂

3 Negative Bid Modifiers To Boost Up Your Business
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