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Increase Conversions by 40% with Google Display Network Staying Within the Same Budget [Case Study]

We got used to thinking that increasing conversions require additional cash injections. But what if we say that it’s possible to boost them by 40% without exceeding a planned budget, on the contrary, one of our particular client even saved 10% of it.

Sounds too good to be true? We are ready to reveal all our secret techniques and bold experiment results so that you could repeat the success of this campaign or maybe even make your own improvements to it and do better than we.

Well, we guess it’s a good idea to skip the long introduction and get to the meat straight away.

About the client

NYC Interior Designer Jarret Yoshida

Jarret Yoshida is a self-educated interior designer who has traveled around the globe to develop his unique style.

Starting his design studies at the Corcoran Gallery School in Washington, DC, Jarret went on to Parsons and FIT in New York and, most recently, the École des Beaux Arts et Décoratifs in Paris. After apprenticing with a well-known designer, he founded his own company in 2002 to pursue his unique vision. The firm currently works on projects ranging from individual homes to a 700-unit vacation complex.


To increase the number of leads coming to the customer while staying within the certain budget.


Pause all the search campaigns and activate only Google display network (GDN) aiming to attract more traffic due to the lower click cost compared to the search campaign.


The number of orders grew 40 times within 40 days.

The commercial goal is achieved.

How to increase conversions in AdWords: detailed description

The goal of this project is interior design leads generation at minimal cost. At the campaign launch, when Jarret became our client, the first thing we did was search campaigns development.

Search campaigns included an array of relevant keywords broken into ad groups. We wrote custom ads for each group but did not reach the desired result.

The campaign brought nearly 5 leads a month. We developed GDN campaigns as well. The budget was split this way: Search Network – 70%, Display Network – 30%.

We understood that interior design is not the niche that gets 1000 leads a day, but nonetheless, we wanted to raise the number of 5 leads a month.

Well, after a lot of brainstorming, we took a forceful decision to pause search campaigns and attract tons of “cheap traffic” with the help of Google Display Network campaigns. We created separate Display Advertising campaigns targeted according to interests, topics and keywords. Thus, we spent 100% of the budget on GDN.

This graph clearly shows that the promo budget stayed stable (the red line) after the AdWords campaigns start, but the number of conversions (leads) increased 40 times (the blue line).

how to increase the number of conversions

Below you see the graph with accurate numbers.

Leads for Interior Designer

Please note that the number of clicks increased by 529,61%, average CPC (cost per click) decreased by 85,84%, campaign cost decreased by 10,83%, and finally, conversions increased by 4,000%.

Can you believe this? The conversions boosted 40 times while the cost of advertising campaign lowered by 10%!

Let us explain this phenomenon. The cost of clicks in interior design niche is pretty high. It makes nearly $5 per click. We lowered CPC to $0.3, which gave us an opportunity to draw much more traffic. More traffic equals more conversions! That’s it :).

Over to you

Do you busy your brains over the questions like how to get more conversions on AdWords and similar don’t be afraid to try something new and experiment. Sometimes even the craziest ideas like excluding the search from your marketing campaign can bring a great yield, that is, increase your conversions.

We hope that this case study where we share our experience on ways to increase conversion was useful for you. If you have any questions or are ready to share your unconventional ideas, the comments section is all yours ;).


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Please, send all your requests to office@avadma.com or fill out “Get my proposal” form on the site.

Increase Conversions by 40% with Google Display Network Staying Within the Same Budget [Case Study]
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