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How To Increase Leads By 367% [Case Study]

Hey guys! Would you like to know how to increase leads to your web resource? Of course, you would. This is the reason why you are here now.

OK, we are not going to disappoint you, so get ready to absorb information on how to increase lead generation.

We believe that the best way to tell about marketing campaign optimization is laying the strategy out in the form of the case study with real heroes, real processes, and real results, right? You won’t need extra proof that our techniques are working then.

Well, shall we begin?

Client’s business description – increase lead generation by 367% (we’re not kidding)

So, we are going to discuss the success story of the Globe Trailers company.

Globe Trailers was established in the early 1980s. The company won a reputation of quality, value and superior customer satisfaction. In 2004 Walter’s family purchased Globe Trailers. They had 60 years of experience as the world’s leading Manufacturing and Engineering company of Welding and Cutting replacement components. Their expertise gave them the chance to improve upon existing trailer designs. Company trailers are manufactured in Bradenton, FL in the 60,000 square foot facility covering 10 acres. Globe Trailers use computerized plasma burning tables, optical beam cutting machines, state of the art welding machines, overhead crane systems, milling machines, cutting shears, and CNC Whitney punches, and other advanced equipment for manufacturing of their trailers. Additionally, their plant has its own in-house sandblasting and paint facilities. Their welders are all certified up to AWS T-1 steel and are government certified. The company is proud of their trailers and employees.

That’s why Globe Trailers offers the best warranty in the trailer industry, and why they at Globe Trailers say, there “IS” a world of difference.

Here are the links to the company’s social media accounts for more information: Linkedin, Facebook.

Alright, now you know the specific of business we got an order from. The problem is that things in the real world don’t work in cyberspace the same way. But is it really that important to be a success in both worlds?

Sure! Moreover, your online success positively affects your authority in real life, boosts your sales, and helps to increase your income.

What goals did we pursue with Globe Trailers?

We were to:

  • Increase lead generation.
  • Decrease cost per lead.
  • Increase website traffic.

What approaches did we use to reach the above goals?

  1. We set up analytical tools and conversions tracking.
  2. We optimized the existing search campaigns.
  3. We created new search campaigns.
  4. We created remarketing campaigns.
  5. We created call-only ads campaigns.
  6. We optimized all campaigns.
  7. We created a dynamic remarketing GDN campaign.

What results did we manage to reach?

  • The number of leads has increased by 367%.
  • Cost per lead has decreased by 47%.
  • Website traffic has increased by 240%.

Compared time periods:

March 2017 – October 2017 vs June 2016 – February 2017.

Now, when you know the techniques we used and the results we obtained, it’s time to know more about the process, which is the most interesting part, we guess, as you will be able to apply them to increase website traffic of your website.

Revealing the secrets of a super-efficient marketing campaign

We started with the campaign in search network because we aimed to reach people the moment they need storage. Then the campaign evolved. With Google investment, it turned into a full cross-channel strategy that included a display, mobile, and remarketing.

By using these channels altogether, we have been able to build awareness and create an easy path to purchase. In fact, the share of leads from online channels has grown by 367% over the past eight months.

how to increase lead generation

increase lead generation

We focused on search campaigns. We launched dynamic search campaigns in order to cover absolutely all commodity positions. The point is that without Dynamic Search Ads even well-managed AdWords accounts with many keywords can miss relevant searches. Experience delays getting ads written for new products or gets out of sync with what’s actually available on advertisers’ websites. They are easy to configure but require even more careful selection of negative keywords than regular search campaigns.

Remarketing campaigns were also launched:

  • Remarketing with the usage of lists created in Google Analytics.
  • Dynamic remarketing with the usage of lists created in Google AdWords.
  • Search remarketing (RLSA) with the usage of lists created in Google AdWords.

To get phone calls to globetrailers.com, we set up a call-only campaign to encourage customers to call us by clicking or tapping our ads.

Summing up the results of our activity

Please take a look at the table below. As you see, lead generation increased by 367.17% as the result of our efforts.

Google Ads Leads

We started in March 2017 – October 2017, where the number is 672.72. In June 2016 – February 2017 (when AVA wasn’t in the game yet), the number of conversions is 144.00. The difference is drastic without any exaggeration – 528.72, which equals 367.17% of conversions increase, as we have already mentioned at the beginning of this section.

OK, now let’s see what happened to cost per lead. It decreased by 47.63%. As you see, through March 2017 to October 2017 (with AVA in the game) cost per lead AdWords made up $46.32. And through June 2016 – February 2017 (without AVA in the game) it made up $88.45.

cost per lead adwords

So, due to Google AdWords optimization, PPC lead generation cost decreased by $42.13, which makes 47.63%.

From the table below we see that the number of clicks through March 2017 to October 2017 (with AVA in the game) made up 30,238. Through June 2016 – February 2017 (without AVA in the game), it made 18,305. Which makes a difference of 11,933. Increase website traffic is 65.19%.

increase website traffic

Would you like to know about such tremendous traffic increase in detail? We are ready to share the data from Google Analytics with you. It describes website traffic increase by channels and sessions.


Channels Sessions
March 2017 – October 2017

(when AVA started)

June 2016 – February 2017

(before AVA started)

Change Change (%)
Paid Search 16819 4941 11878 240.40%
Organic Search 9690 9179 511 5.57%
Direct 2631 4419 -1788 -40.46%
Social 2124 2129 -5 -0.23%
Display 1718 1075 643 59.81%
Referral 1413 1584 -171 -10.80%
All 34395 26327 8068 30.65%

As you see, 6 channels were taken into account – Paid Search, Organic Search, Direct, Social, Display, and Referral.

From March 2017 – October 2017 (when AVA started) paid search made up 16819. In comparison to June 2016 – February 2017 (before AVA started) it made up 4941. So, we get an increase of 11878 (240%).

We won’t enumerate all numbers here, you can see the entire picture in the table, let’s run across the most significant ones.

So, the number of displays from March 2017 to October 2017 (when AVA started) made up 1718. Compare this number to 1075 during June 2016 – February 2017 (before AVA started). The change is 643, which equals 59.81% increase.

And the total numbers are 34395 through March 2017 – October 2017 (when AVA started) and 26327 through June 2016 – February 2017 (before AVA started), the change is 8068, which equals 30.65% of sessions increase.

Never forget about the mobile traffic

Do you see these colored bars below? They vividly demonstrate that mobile phones are leading in the number of conversions, computers take the second place, and tablets occupy the third place.

google adwords optimization

This tendency with mobile gadgets will evolve even more in the coming years, so it’s crucial for any business to tailor the website and the marketing campaign to the needs of mobile users.


Well, it’s time to wrap up this case study. We hope it was useful for you. As you see, it is possible to increase the leads by 350+%. We advise you to try out the tactics described above or just turn to the AVA agency and we will be happy to do the job instead of you.

Do you have your own experience, tips, tricks, and lifehacks on how to increase leads? Please share them with us in the comments.

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We wish you the best of luck with lead generation increase!

How To Increase Leads By 367% [Case Study]
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