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Fantastic Google Ad Extensions And How To Use Them

An AdWords service tries to add something new to the already existing advertising tools all the time. The thing that is updated more often than others is Google Ad Extensions. You can always find some new ad extension being beta-testing. But for one reason or another, they seem to be underestimated and even ignored.

Why are the Google Ad Extensions so necessary?

But if you are an owner of a local business, you should use everything that can help you to conquer the better SERP position. And ad extensions are the best tool for this purpose, for sure. Ad extensions allow you to add more info to your ads. For example, contact info, review, info about the sale, etc.

This brings more visibility for your ads which leads to the higher CTR and as a result – more conversions. It also proves to be the truth that they not only help you to keep your costs low but improve your ad rank position and ROI. As far as nowadays most of the searches are done on the mobile devices, the ad extensions allow you to have more stable SERP position. To clarify, that means that you leave your competitors` ads fewer chances to be even seen. In this article, we would like to point out the importance of some Google ad extensions for local businesses, in particular, and explain how they work. Moreover, we will answer the FAQ regarding the ad extensions.

#1 Call extension

This ad extension allows you to add a clickable call link to your ad. This means that your potential customer can call you directly from your ad and you’re able to track the phone calls that were generated by your ad.
This extension is crucial for local businesses not only because it can improve your overall CTR, but because it gives your customers the opportunity to call you immediately so they don’t have to look for your contacts.

AdWords Call Extensions

How can I set up call Google Ad Extensions?

Call extension setup is quite easy. You need to find Ad Extensions and select Call Extension from the drop-down menu. Then there will appear +Extension button. The next pop-up window will offer you to choose the campaign you want call extensions to be applied to. You can also choose to apply this extension to an ad group and that will give you the more exact statistic on a performance of each ad group.

As soon you chose a campaign or an ad group for the call extension you’ll be offered to the phone number from the library. If the library does not contain the number you want to use, you can just need to add it with +new number button. Also, you need to select Call report if you want to get the calls statistics on the call that were made with this extension.

When should I use Call Google Ad Extensions?

As we already mentioned Google AdWords call extensions are of vital importance for local businesses as they increase the possibility of cold calls conversion into a deal.
This type of extension also works great in terms of mobile search. According to statistics, local businesses are found more often during with the help of mobile devices. More than 50% of users claimed that they search for local business at least once a day. Don’t miss them. It’s your chance to let your potential customers know about you.

#2 Location extensions

This kind of extension allows you to show you location info such as an address in your ad. It’s the perfect option for local businesses that want to drive more real traffic to their shops or locations. You don’t need to pay more money for that, but this extension could help you to improve the CTR of your ads. It also gives your ad more visibility and makes the SERP position more stable.

AdWords Location Extensions

How can I set up Location extensions?

The location extension can be set up on the account, campaign and ad group level. The algorithm is the same as for the Call extension. You need to find Ad Extensions tab and select Location extensions from the drop-down menu. When using +Extension button you’ll be offered to use the linked locations from your Google My Business account. Of course, in case if you have the same login credentials for both accounts.

#3 Review extensions

The review extensions usage allow you to show the third-party review on your product or service when your ad is shown. ‘The third-party review’ means a review itself, ranking or awards that your business has. The biggest benefit that it gives you is an increasing customer trust. For example, you can show the reviews of your business from such websites as Trustpilot, SiteJabber, etc.

AdWords Review Extensions

How can I set up Review extensions?

Setting up review extensions is quite similar to others mentioned above. You need to find the Ad Extensions tab and from the drop-down menu select Review extensions. The next step is clicking New. Then you need to add a credible third-party source review. You shouldn’t use reviews from your own website because they might not get approved by Google. Actually, it’s not that easy to get your review approved, but if you have great reviews from trustworthy sources, you should be patient and add this kind of extension to your copy.

The review most probably will be rejected if it`s a personal review ( not from a company). You also shouldn’t use a review which is older than a year or doesn`t have an original direct source.
It might seem too complicated to deal with review extensions, but don’t give up and someday it could become a turning point between your competitor’s ad and yours.

#4 Sitelink extensions

This extension allows you to add more links to your ads, that will lead people to specific pages on your website. You can lead links to your store hours, a special product or special offer so that you can promote them as soon as the potential customer see the ad. There are some undeniable benefits of using sitelink extensions. First of all, it gives you an additional space and moves your competitors down the page. It makes your ad more visible and increases the general CTR. Increasing the CTR it increases the Quality Score and lowers the costs.

How can I set up Sitelinks extensions?

Still, the thing is the same as with the previous extensions. After selecting Sitelinks extensions from the drop-down menu of the Ad Extensions tab you’ll be offered to add a new sitelink or to choose the already existing one. You also will be offered to choose the device preference.

When should I use Sitelinks extensions?

As the previously mentioned kinds of extensions, Sitelinks serve for different purposes. But still, there some pitfalls you should keep in mind. You shouldn’t set them and forget them. As far as the website content is changing sitelinks should be updated. Make them short and clear. You don’t need to use all the space you have. Don’t forget to schedule them.

Wrapping up

You definitely can use all the Google Ad Extensions offered by Adwords, but we recommend you to pay special attention to these ones. If used thoughtfully and strategically, they can do a great favor to your business. Did you use them before? Don’t hesitate to tell us your story in the comment section. Good luck and may the conversions be with you! 🙂

Fantastic Google Ad Extensions And How To Use Them
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