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AdWords Auction Insights: How To Make a Competitive Analysis

Today we will talk about the report of the AdWords auction insights. Despite the fact that this is one of the fastest ways to get competitive data, you might think that this information is not entirely useful to you. Nevertheless, today we will try to bust this myth. Moreover, we will show you how you can benefit from the Adwords auction insights.

This report will provide insight into how your campaigns function relatively competitive. For this purpose, there are special indicators that allow you to assess the competitive environment, in general. Furthermore, it helps you to understand your position in this auction, compared to competitors.

AdWords Competitive Analysis

What are the markers for evaluating the competitiveness of Search campaigns?

  1. The percentage of impressions received in the Search Network.
    Important to realize, that the following option shows you the possibility of growth. For example, if you do not show up in 100% of cases, you should improve the ad quality. On the other hand, if you win almost all 100% of the auctions, it means that you need to increase an advertising coverage.
  2. A percentage of impressions received in the Search Network (with exact match).
    First of all, you should compare this indicator with the first one. For instance, if the for the exact match the percentage is is much larger than with the broad one, this means that you have not sufficiently worked with the semantic kernel. Furthermore, it means that you also should add the negative keywords. Otherwise, it is likely that your ads will be shown even for non-relevant queries.
  3. Owing to the percentage of lost impressions on the Search Network (due to rankings), you can find out if you should increase bids or increase the Quality Score of your ads.
  4. Thanks to the percentage of lost impressions on the Search Network (due to budget), you can determine if you need to increase the daily budget.

In order to see the following stats, you need to add these certain columns.

What are the  markers for evaluating the competitiveness on the Google Display Network?

  • A percentage of impressions received on GDN
  • The percentage of lost impressions on GDN (due to rankings)
  • And, of course, the percentage of lost impressions on GDN (due to budget)

As a result, you can see what steps you need to take, in order to outperform your competitors on the certain metrics.

Are there any other ways to make the competitive analysis out of the Adwords auction insights?

And the answer is…


First of all, take a look at the ‘Days of the week‘ stats:

In order to make it, go to reports tab – add a report. Then, add an indicator – the conversion rate of the desired goal and the number of goals. Add parameter – a day of the week, an hour. In case if you need a report from a specific channel, then create a filter.

In order to determine, on which days the conversion rate is worse, you need to go to the comparison tab and sort the days of the week from Sunday to Saturday. To see how the conversion rate varies with the time of day, you need to go to one of the days of the week.

  1. Obviously, it can show you, on which days your competitors usually focus on. It is a great insight, as your competitors consider their ads to perform better on these days.
  2. On the contrary, the days when they don’t run their ads, a great way for you to outperform your competitors. There are so many reasons why they do not advertise on weekend, for example. But remember, that it is a great chance to see if advertising on those days will work good for your business.

Important to realize, that you should always keep your business in mind. Check at which points you can improve the performance and try to test. Who knows, maybe you will have an opportunity to bid less, owing to the lack of competition.

Second, take a closer look at the ‘Devices‘ tab.

The following trick also allows you to take more from your competitors weakness. For example, you see that they don’t show their ads on tablets/mobile. In contrast, you know that your ads perform well on the same devices. As a result, you know that you can test if this tip works for you.

A Quick Summary

  1. First of all, you can easily define the new competitors, thanks to the Adwords auction insights. Moreover, you can take a closer look to their businesses and advertising model.
  2. Second, you will be able to discover your competitors’ landing pages. As a result, you can make a comparison and find fresh ides for your CRO.

That’s all for today. as you can see, the AdWords auction insights can be a super-handy tool to make a competitive analysis. So make sure that you get the most out of it. Don’t hesitate to tell your opinion at the comment section below. And have a great day! 🙂



AdWords Auction Insights: How To Make a Competitive Analysis
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