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Google AdWords: Top Advantages for Your Business

Google AdWords is the most popular service to promote a business with. Google AdWords reaches the number one position in mobile search advertising, with 97% of mobile searches! Obviously, it’s so well-known because of the great list of the advantages that it brings to the business owners. And today we are going to tell you about the coolest features of the Google AdWords service. Moreover, we are going to explain why is it a great option to promote your business via AdWords. So, let’s get straight to the list.

Fixed budget

The first reason why Google AdWords is so cool for the business promotion is that you can set a fixed budget for any campaign. It really does not matter if you want to spend $15 or $1000 on your campaign’s promotion. PPC or pay-per-click is a digital advertising model, that allows paying only when someone clicks the ad, so it can really save your budget. Moreover, if you have a team of professionals behind your advertising campaigns, you can be sure that the ad quality is good. It means, that the ad rank will be higher and you will spend even less on your product promotion.

fixed budget


The second benefit that Google AdWords brings to you is that you can measure any metric, literally. In order to improve the quality of your ads and get the most return from your marketing campaign, Google AdWords gives you an opportunity to track how many people clicked the ad, how many impressions this ad has got, the conversion rate that it has, etc. Of course, if you want a deeper knowledge of what’s happening with your ads and how your potential customers interact with your website, you should use a Google Analytics service, too. It will help you to track any interaction with your ads and website.


Google AdWords targeting options

The third feature that is really important is a variety of targeting options. Here are the most popular targeting variations that Google AdWords offers you to reach out to your potential customers: a) location targeting: for the each campaign you can choose the specific location: a country, city, or even a location radius; b) device targeting: you can show your ads to people who use smartphones, PC’s or tablets or even a certain operating system; c) language targeting: choose from over than 40 different languages to target the desirable audience; d) remarketing: remarketing or retargeting is an option that allows you to show your ads to those people, who already were on your website. It gives you an opportunity to recapture people, according to their previous activity on a website. To use this type of targeting, you should create the remarketing lists and create specific messages, that will show them the benefits that your product or service can give them.

Targeting options in AdWords


The fourth force of Google AdWords is a maximum relevance. The system really cares about the quality of your ads. That’s why such a metric as an ad rank exists. An ad rank influences your ad’s position. It determines whether your ad, keyword and a landing page are relevant to each other and then, according to the result, your ad takes a certain position. This feature allows you to bring the most proper offer to your potential clients.

Of course, a Google AdWords service has lots of benefits. But the best way to discover them all is to try it out. You can try to create and manage your account by yourself, or you can take a help of the digital marketing agency to get the qualified services. Anyway, we are sure that you will have a pleasant experience using the Google AdWords services. If you have any questions or just want to share your opinion, feel free to leave a comment below. Have a great day and may the high conversions be with you! 🙂

Google AdWords: Top Advantages for Your Business
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