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9 Wise Tricks to Make Google Adore Your Website

Why it’s important that Google likes your website in the first place?

The statistics prove that 61% of internet users click the first three links on Google SERP. That means that if you`re not TOP-3, there is a chance that you’ll lose the clicks, leads, and sales. As far as Google selects these three luckiest, according to many factors, you need to do your best to meet the requirements. In order to help you build a better online presence for your online project, we are going to share with you 9 tricks to make Google adore your website.

#1 Be Mobile friendly

Google says that 61% of people are unlikely to continue browsing a website if it isn’t adjusted to their device’s screen size. Are you ready to lose those potential customers? Moreover, Google ranks the ads according to the mobile friendliness, so be prepared and adjust your website to mobile devices.

The Importance of Having a Mobile-friendly Website

#2 Sitemaps

Google loves sitemaps. You can create your own sitemap or use a plugin to generate it. Also, you should consider to create an HTML sitemap for humans and to make your website easy to navigate.

#3 Site speed

Time is money and if your website is loading for too long there is a chance that Google won’t like it. As a result, you may lose your potential customers. People have got more impatient due to the Internet speed. With this in mind, Google started to move down the sites that are loading more than 8 seconds. Are you that fast?

The Importance of Site Speed

#4 Use HTTPS

Obviously, Google is all about safety. They prefer sites to be protected this way. Furthermore, they already stated that they want everybody to use this technology. Certainly, it`s not the easiest thing to do, but here is a study on how to switch to the https.

#5 Structured markups

Usually, websites at the top of Google SERP have a lot of additional information. For example, ratings, reviews, and even photos. That works because of the usage of the website of structured markups. Basically, structured markups are the annotations to a website content. It helps your potential customer to understand better what your website is about.

#6 Content quality

One more thing that makes Google like your website is the content. Google would like the content to be unique, long enough to make the information easy to understand. Moreover, you should keep the content easy to navigate. Don’t forget to update it regularly and use rich media such as pictures and videos.

The importance of quality content

#7 Citing your links

In order to meet the Google requirements, you should keep your website content well-organized. Owing to the right citing, the links from your website pages can help you to get higher positions on Google search result pages.

#8 Be social

There is no data on how much Google appreciates social signals, but they certainly include those in the ranking.
Still, it is important not only for making Google happy. Obviously, using share buttons can benefit your business, especially if you are a B2C kind of company.

The Importance Of Social Signals

#9 Titles and meta descriptions

One more thing that is stated not to be used for ranking. So it’s not that important for Google, as it is for the users. Keep in mind that titles must be no longer than 60 characters. Meta Descriptions need to explain what the page is about and be under 160 characters.

Obviously, all the mentioned above is just a list of the skin-deep tips for SEO optimization of your website. There are still hundreds of factors impacting the ranking, but you should start from here to make Google adore your website unconditionally in the future. Do you know any other interesting tricks for improving your online project for Google? Feel free to mention it in the comment section. Have a great day! 🙂

9 Wise Tricks to Make Google Adore Your Website
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